The Atlas; A Revolutionary Electric Bed

The Atlas Spa Salon Bed; our widest and thickest table yet!

Choose from 2 different base colors and 3 variations of the Atlas. The Atlas wooden base comes in the color Walnut and the color Oak. The 3 different variations is the completely flat Atlas, the Atlas that only has the liftback and the Atlas with liftback for both the top portion and the legs!

Starting as low as $2,3999.99 - the Atlas is a great alternative from our Maxking Salon Table. It doesn't have removeable arms, nor the face cradle included, but it is wide enough that you won't even need a face cradle. 

What makes the Atlas unique is the removable cover; the cover is attached to the table by velcro. If you have taller clients, there is an option to insert the face cradle. If you peal the velcro on the table underside, it will reveal the foam on the table, as well as the face cradle ports to insert the face cradle.

Lastly, height adjustment can be controlled both by controller AND also by foot by using the silver bar at the foot of the table; step and press down to lift the table height or position your foot under the bar and push upwards  to lower the table.