Check Out Our Bestselling Montclair!

With a clean and chic appearance, the 31" Montclair Portable Massage Table Package is everything you could dream of. From its build to its inclusions, this table has everything a therapist needs in one table.

The 3" thick foam is plush and soft to the touch; providing luxurious comfort for clients enjoying a relaxing massage. The 31" width and 72" length of the table is one of the widest table sizes we provide, making it easy to accommodate clients of small and large stature. This wide shouldered "big top" bed with square corners has 26" more cushioned surface than most, giving to that plush luxurious feel at first touch.

Not only that, the legs have a unique feature unlike our other tables. This table includes reiki panels, which are legs shaped like an upside-down U. This free space allows therapists to place their legs further under the table, allowing one to work more closely with the client. Alternately, the table can be laid completely flat for shiatsu. Just simply remove the wing nuts to fold the legs complete flat with table and lay the table horizontally with the floor. This table is the whole package!