Care of PU Leather - Practical Advice

What is PU leather

PU leather is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly alternative to leather for massage tables. This is split leather dyed through with a more or less thick polyurethane coating.
  • This coating makes the PU leather look like a full grain leather, but it always has a shiny surface.
  • This is not breathable, so the feeling when in contact with PU leather is more like that of synthetic leather (colder, sticking to the skin).

Care instructions for coated split leather

  • Master massage tables PU leather is oil and waterproof. However, PU leather must be regularly dusted with a lint-free cloth and then cleaned with a neutral detergent. Alcohol-based detergents and disinfectants loosen the surface of the leather and are therefore not recommended.
  • Put this on a lint-free, soft cloth and moisten it a little. This agent can be used to remove light dirt - and also fats etc. - and the surface shines again.

We recommend a PU cover or fitted sheet for daily use of the massage table to better protect the leather.

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