Looking for Replacement Parts?

We have some replacement parts for stools, portable massage chairs and tables listed listed on our website.

You can find it by hovering over the accessories dropdown menu and going to the massage tools and replacement parts section:

Knobs are in a different section and can be found here:



If a part can't be found, please email us at customerservice@mhpinternational.com. Please include a picture of the item, item name (or item number) and your shipping address. We need time to check warehouse and run you a quote. It's not possible to list all replacement parts and we'll create a specialized payment link for you. For this reason, please don't buy spare parts that include someone's name in the title. It is reserved for that individual and we'll be forced to cancel your order as the quote and item details are incorrect.

If we can't find the item and it's available with our manufacturer, we'll order it for you. Please note these are produced in China and it's transported with all out items by sea. Wait time can be 1.5 months; even longer if production is need.