New Release: 2 in 1 Oil Warmer and Stone Heater!

Why choose between an oil warmer and a stone heater when you can get both in 1 product? Slightly smaller than the 18 Quart Stone Heater; you're not losing much space when switching to the Stone Heater & 3 Bottle Massage Oil Heater!

With stainless steel housing; the Aluminum Alloy Heating Plate and Aluminum Alloy heating tubes allow you to heat stones from 105°F - 160° F and heat the oil from 104°F - 140°F. The inner pot is constructed with carbon steel and treated with enamel rust prevention for added durability. 

Heating can be flexibly and independently controlled. Our new heater eliminates the traditional 45 minutes wait time; achieve high temperatures within 10 minutes and high heat within 30 minutes. Additionally, this heater can seamlessly switch between Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (°F). The 3 dials can be controlled independently to allow you to heat each component to different and satisfactory levels.